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Below are some unsolicited comments from customers.

If you value your violin(s) as I do, it's well worth to take them to mister Murphy if they need attention. Apart from being perfectly amiable, he is a very good craftsman and to my opinion, an artist in his field. I'm convinced he will get the most out of any violin you present to him. He has done work on 3 violins for me so far, and they all came back souding better, looking better and more fun for me to play. What more do you want? Gerianne Wigboldus Violin teacher from The Netherlands Gerianne

I have been playing on one of Jeds Violins for the past few months, and I am extremely pleased with it. It has an even sound across all four strings, but above all it has a beautiful, bright tone that is not at all timid. I also love the way it responds to subtle changes in vibrato and tone. But the best recommendation is to play on one yourself."

Hannah Woolmer-Violinist See Hannah

"I have played on one of Gerard Murphy's instruments for two years. It has a warm, even sound, balanced over all the strings. Many people comment on how well made it is." Harriet Mackenzie
Violinist See Harriet

"I am constantly on the look out for good quality, reasonably priced violins for my students. Students also need a professional violin maker to execute professional repairs on their violins when mishaps occur - and they do. I am pleased to recommend Jed Murphy both as a trustworthy supplier of high quality violins and as a highly professional violinmaker and repairer".

Brendan Mulkere
Mulkere Academy of Music
Hammersmith Irish Centre, W6 9DT

"Jed Murphy's instruments are very finely crafted on the best models and beautifully finished. The ones I played were very responsive on all four strings. They would be particularly suitable for young musicians for whom older instruments of the same quality would be out of reach financially".

David R Roth - Allegri String Quartet

"I found the violin that I played by Gerard Murphy to have an excellent balance between the upper and lower registers. The instrument had cut without losing any warmth of tone and the finish was superb."
Nicola Loud Violinist

Jed has worked on many of my instruments and is a fine maker and restorer."
Emanuel Hurwitz

Manny hurwitz is internationally renowned as one of Britain's foremost chamber musicians. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music and after war service founded the Hurwitz String Quartet. For over twenty years he was leader of the English Chamber Orchestra where he frequently appeared as soloist and conductor. During this time he led the Melos Ensemble with whom he made recordings (now on CD) of the major ensemble repertoire. He spent two seasons as leader of the New Philharmonia Orchestra under Otto Klemperer and Carlo Maria Giulini, sometimes directing the orchestra himself. From 1970-1981 he was leader of the Aeolian String Quartet with whom he toured extensively as well as making many recordings including the complete 22 CD set of Haydn String Quartets and the Late Beethoven Quartets. Emanuel Hurwitz was awarded the Gold Medal of the Worshipful Company Of Musicians of London and in 1978 the CBE for outstanding services to chamber music. Emanuel Hurwitz

"Jed saved my lovely violin from the dustbin! My violin was significantly damaged but made a gorgeous warm sound. It regularly developed annoying rattles and I was constantly trying to find a shop/restorer who could work on it until it was structurally sound. Every violin shop turned it down and said things like" Oh well you may as well play it until it falls apart!" Fortunately for me I led an orchestra that Manny Hurwitz was conducting in 2000 and he commented on the sound of my violin, played it and heard my story that it was going to fall apart. He said " You would have to pay over £3000 to buy another violin with a sound as good as this..........take it to my friend Jed he will sort it out for you".......and he did! Jed did a magnificent restoration job at an extremely reasonable price and now I am happily playing it .......rattle-less! Thank you Jed.

Jane O'Connor-Afia London Suzuki group teacher....    Jane's Suzuki group

I am enjoying playing the two violins. The old one has improved a lot with your adjustments. The new one (yours) is very powerful (mainly G and D strings), and sweet at the same time. I can easely make contrast on playing piano and forte. I am happy with it. (pictured above, Fabio Lispecter playing Jed's Guarneri...)

Thanks, Fabio Lispector

Update October 2007

Hi Jed, I am very happy with your violin! It opened up its sound also in the A and E strings. This evening I perfomed with Richard and another guy (guitar) an outside stage show for some thousends people that was really a success. We played Klezmer (jewish) music. I would like to thank you because we had comments that our sound was good, and of course your violin is included!! Your instrument sounds more like an "soloist" instrument.
Thanks again.

Dear Jed
Many thanks for the amazing (not using that word lightly) effect your work had on my viola. It was previously a 'second instrument'; but now the sound is so open, attractive and responsive (not tight like before) that it has replaced the 'first instrument'. People who hear it, often enthusiastically ask what kind of viola it is. A few words about the Jed Murphy violin I have been trying: The violin plays very well. I find it very comfortable to play and responsive, requiring little effort from the player to produce a sound that is as strong, rich and authoritative as the instrument itself looks. Although well suited to many musical styles, it feels especially good playing Romantic and contemporary repertoire.

Ricardo Brafman, violin and viola player/teacher, and composer.

A list of some of the known orchestras with our instruments. Bushey Symphony Orchestra, The Woolmer Music Group, Adelaide Symphony Orchetra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Ulster Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra,Royal Philharmonic.

Dear Jed, Thank you very much for providing the two certificates. Your service is quick and smooth and you give a good, professional description of the violins. One violin is in good restored condition, restoration done in the past, and the other is in great condition. I am sorry but more I can't tell at the moment. Please keep visiting this great website. Jed, I look forward in receiving the original certificates. Thank you, Henri

Hi there Jed, Sorry took me ages to reply, didnt really get internet access till now and been on holiday. Violin is lovely thank you, have played it a bit over Christmas and very happy. Gabrielle Douglas

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